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Velo'sflat serifs on 'i', 'l' and 'n' were curved into tails for the Bicycling logo.

"…we began working with worldwide typography legend House Industries. Rich Roat and his team—all mad about bicycling and Bicycling—at once got what we envisioned, and in coordination with our design director, Jesse Southerland, created a customized version of their new Velo font.

In my editor's column in the July issue (where the logo debuts in print, after its online unveiling this Monday), I wrote that I think brands generally yammer on a bit much when they present a new logo, taking so many pains to explain things like how the kerning illuminates their corporate mission that the pure, simple rightness of a great design can get lost. Our new logo is purely and simply who we are, and who our readers are, and it just feels like all there is to love about cycling." — Bill Strickland, Bicycling

Read more in this Bicycling interview with House Industries' Rich Roat.

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