21st Annual Fonts Festival : fonts, lettering and typography surf #3

Typesetting|Graphic Design & Publishing Center|Fred Showker 2015-08-31 15:10:31

When we first started the Fonts Fest some twenty-one years ago, we mainly concentrated on fonts. There were hardly any good free fonts. So we focused on bringing fonts to the design community. Today, there are fonts everywhere--so now we look at the creative side of using fonts and actually creating our own typography by hand.

In today's surf we visit the studios of three awesome type and lettering practitioners--from branding an ice cream company, to a hip-hop garment illustrator out of Miami and fifteen fancy free fonts ready to download!

Ice cream identity program shows how far good branding can go!

My:creative is a small design firm founded in 2010 by graphic designer Ewan Leckie. Their portfolio is extraordinary, as is their impressive list of clients. But this ice cream campaign really got our attention as an excellent example of where good design can go with an identity or branding program.

My:creative teamed up with the "Stew'n'Drew" ice cream company to create a friendly and engaging brand that communicated their passion for quality ice cream. This was summed up by their now adopted motif, a classic ice cream bike, but with 2 seats! This reflected the partners friendship and sense of fun.

Full story : This is MY:Creative for Stew & Drews' Ice Cream Branding

Here is the actual ice cream site!

Hip hoppin, low rider rockin' Friks gets'er done

From Miami comes this Kickin' graphic art studio under the supreme leadership of Friks. From the Apparel industry to typography, illustration, graphics, and branding, here is some really fun and fresh work--while being somehow familiar!

But FIRST, you've GOT to see the videos:

First, Fricks takes pencil and paper to create the layout for "Live Your Life"

Then, watch as he puts on a hip-hop tune and creates the Vector Art

NOW you can go visit his digs at Friks 84 web site

Don't miss Friks 84 Instagram site

or this stack of butt-kicking samples

Dabbles & Babbles Fave Fifteen

Jamey Ekins's site is a little slicker than we usually like to promote, but in this case, her taste in fonts--and the listing of the fonts--has gotten her listed.

(Be careful, she puts Google ads with "download" or "start download" right after her note "download fonts here..." just to get you to click on her Google ad . . . ) her listing includes : Great Vibes | Abraham Lincoln | Aller | Young & Beautiful | Allura | Maven Pro | Habana | Impregnable | Raleway | Connie | BlackJack | Steelfish | Matchbook | SimpleSnails | Vevey

Full story : Dabbles & Babbles with Jamey Ekins

Open this Graphic to see samples of all these fonts