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Continuing our work with A3 Sports we have launched DRoP!, a speciality multi-brand sneaker store. Designed to appeal to sneakerheads, we created a sophisticated sportswear retail brand rooted in sneaker and urban culture.

The name and logo were inspired by sneaker drop dates which are essential to any sneaker collector coveting the first release of streetwear products. The use of this term fits perfectly with DRoP!'s mission to deliver the freshest product to hungry sneakerheads.

Our store concept avoids prevailing trends in sneaker retail and uses spatial design to immerse and tantalise the consumer.

License: All Rights Reserved.

License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: http://rosielee.co.uk.Photo: Mark Fleming. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Mark Fleming.

Source: http://rosielees.co.uk.License: All Rights Reserved.