Halemba coal mine

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TheNew Zelekon its facade. By June 2012 (see Google Maps), this logo has been replaced with a more generic sign by Kompania Węglowa S.A., Europe's largest coal mining company founded in 2003. However, there are still a few other vestiges in Bronisław Zelek's idiosyncratic 1970s typeface, see below.

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"[KWK] Halemba" — this sign on the roof of an adjacent building can still be seen on a Google snapshot from May 2013. Considering that New Zelek was specifically designed with a tight fit in mind, featuring diagonally sheared terminals for interlocking pairs, it is ironic that the letters have been tracked out so much here.

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New Zelek in a beveled version on the other side of the road.

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"Biuro Przepustek" [gate]

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The now vanished sign at the office building, illuminated at night (c. 2006).