First ISType – Istanbul Type Seminars In September

News|The FontFeed|Yves Peters 2011-08-26 04:52:02

It's always refreshing to hear typographic news from countries that are less often featured on The FontFeed. This is why it gives me great pleasure to announce the inaugural ISType (Istanbul Type Seminars) which runs from September 11 to 14. This lecture and workshop series conceived by typographers / designers / educators Onur Yazıcıgil (Sabancı University) and Alessandro Segalini (Izmir University of Economics) is devoted to encouraging typographic literacy in Turkey.

Sabancı Üniversitesi, view over Istanbul from the venue. Photo by Stephanie Paine

The first edition of this annual event will feature lectures and practical workshops meant to set structured approaches to typographic education and theory by embracing history, calligraphy, technology, math, programming, and drawing and art. The workshops and lectures are:

The Calligraphic Line: Expressing Yourself in Letterforms by text artist and calligrapher Brody NeuenschwanderPublications: A Designers' Update by systematic designer Petr van BloklandLettering in the streets of Italy by typographic designer and calligrapher James CloughTypography in Design Curricula by information designer Karel van der WaardeThe Gestural Roots and Future of Roman Type by Professor in Design Ewan ClaytonType Design with FontLab® and the Most Important OS by communication designer and typographer Alessandro SegaliniText Invader: A Graphic Interference on Linguistics by typographer and illustrator Onur Yazıcıgil

ISType will offer students, professionals and enthusiasts an international gathering where ideas and inspiration can be shared. Moreover, ISType aims to contribute to the development of a typographic heritage in Turkey in which future generations can explore and create further contributions to typographic design and practice. 

In an ever-changing world, people inherently continue to alter their voices in order to adapt to the prevailing needs and tastes of the time. Typography is also affected, and now is a crucial moment to enhance typographic literacy. By valuing an international exchange of ideas and practices, ISType acts to explore the origins of typography and to better understand the direction it is heading.

The typeface used on the ISType poster is Duru Sans™ by Onur Yazıcıgil, not yet on the market.

More detailed information about the speakers and program, and how to register can be found on the ISType website. ISType 2011 is held in conjunction with ISEA Istanbul 2011, and is also sponsored by Sabancı University and Mas Matbaa.



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