Ghost Typeface In ProSieben Television Movie Der Seewolf

News|The FontFeed|Jürgen Siebert 2008-11-27 16:59:39

Kalendsadventer is the contrary Advent calendar on Fontblog. Invented by FontShop Germany for the enjoyment of the Fontblog readers, it runs for 24 days until Nikolaus (December 6th). A daily (typo)graphic question or riddle is posted which can be answered in the Fontblog comments. Every day the author of one randomly selected correct answer receives a prize: a book, poster, mouse mat, DVD, calendar and so on. Questions from readers are accepted as well.

Yesterday's question came from Oops, our light-hearted repository of amusing typos and typographic mishaps. Verena obviously was paying attention while watching the trailer for the ProSieben television movie in two parts Der Seewolf. According to Wikipedia Jack London's 1904 novel The Sea-Wolf tells the story of Humphrey van Weyden – a soft, domesticated protagonist – forced to become tough and self-reliant by exposure to cruelty and brutality. The story starts with him onboard a San Francisco ferry, which collides with another ship in the fog and sinks, eventually to be picked up ("rescued" is not the right word) by Wolf Larsen, the captain of the seal-hunting schooner Ghost.

However the production/set/prop designer applied the name of the schooner in a typeface that does not fit the time frame at all. Revue is one of those "overused cheap print shop hippie types" (dixit Gerlach) that was drawn by Colin Brignall at the tail end of the '60s. Oops!

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