Annie Bastien grew up in the City of Laval (north of Montréal, Canada). As the suburbs were a great influence in her life, she developed her taste for vernacular and old fashioned things. With the desire of being an architect, she finally entered in the graphic design program of Collège Ahuntsic in 1990 where she learned the basics of design.

As time went by, one of her teacher convinced her to pursue her studies at Université du Québec à Montréal, where her talent exploded. She focused her design skills by studying typography and graphic design. Type became an obsession and an opportunity to communicate.

Annie created the font Sofa in a typography course at UQAM in 1995, where she had to produce a magazine logo. Her teacher, Judith Poirier, introduced her to Denis Dulude (2Rebels) and from then on, a great relationship was begun. Annie also created other fonts -SemiSans, ScratchNsniff and NuclearReactor - that are distributed by 2Rebels all around the world.

Annie pursues a prolific career in graphic design in Montreal, where she has worked for a bunch of great studios and agencies. Now she is spreading her talent at the Université de Montréal, working as a graphic designer/art director where she can explore as she feels and be herself.

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