Eduardo Manso (Argentina, 1972). He has been living in Barcelona since 2000. He studied Graphic Design at the 'Martín Malharro School of Visual Arts' in Mar del Plata and completed a Design Postgraduate qualification in Visual Communication at the ‘National University of Mar del Plata’.

He has design and published a number of fonts through [T-26], ITC Fonts , Bitstream and Linotype. Among other awards, his Bohemia type won first prize in the text category of the International ‘International Type Design Contest 2003’ organised by Linotype. He received a “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” from the Type Directors Club of New York in three times: in 2004 for Argot (Bohemia), in 2006 for Relato Sans and in 2007 for Lorena Serif. 

He currently gives typography classes at a number of schools in Barcelona and runs his own small foundry, Emtype Foundry. Eduardo Manso is member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale).

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