Born in 1968, Peter Nevins has been striving, since then, to make elegant but unpretentious works of all kinds.

His posters and paintings play off of one another, bringing a fine art element to the one, and a strong design element to the other, respectively.

All of Peter’s fonts were developed using pen and ink and honed over time before being commited to the digital format.

His current favorite color is olive green and his favorite animal is his sweetheart, Tara.

Fonts by Peter Nevins include: Nevins Hand, Nevins Avant, and Exotique. All three show an Art Nouveau influence. Nevins Hand is a rough, hand-drawn printing style with block serifs and an Art Nouveau or Arts and Crafts shape to the characters. Nevins Avant is in the tradition of Art Nouveau sans-serif poster lettering. Exotique is the most unusual of the fonts, with a truly unique look, reminiscent of the lettering of Alphons Mucha, but with a more sinister attitude.

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