Jan Erasmus did his graduate studies in graphic design at the University of Johannesburg and after completion studied at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia in the late 70s. After a few years in publishing he started a design studio called CyberGraphics. Part of the design mix was font distribution for Émigré on stiffies and ITF fonts on CD as an unlocking centre.

Jan currently resides in Johannesburg and taught font design for 10 years at University of Johannesburg and Stellenbosch University. His professional activities include typography, websites, brochure design, packaging, branding and type design. He also designed custom fonts for corporations of which Menyaka (world cup soccer 2010) and Nando’s fast foods are the most noted.

Jan’s debut display font family was Thornface in 1997. He then released Transition, Lalibela, Pixeluxe and most recently Azania slab serif family of 12 fonts distributed by fonts.com

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