Filip Blažek runs Designiq, a graphic and typographic design studio in Prague. Fellow designers are Honza Dobeš and Zdeněk Franc.

He regularly contributes to professional periodicals in the field of graphic design. He is a founder and a member of the editorial office of TYPO magazine, which focuses on typography, graphic design and visual communication. It’s bilingual in English and Czech. Since 1996 he has run the TYPO.CZ website, which aims to educate the rest of the world about central European typography. Since 1999 he has been lecturing on type and corporate identity. He is the Czech country delegate of the international organization ATypI.

In 2006 he revived the Building Letters 3 project, a response from the typographic community towards the South Asian Tsunami. He sponsored the print-run, and from October has offered the beautiful 64-page magazine (with 25 free fonts) for sale, with all the proceeds going to a charity committed to helping survivors of the disaster.

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