Based in Bulgaria, Svetoslav Simov — “Svet” to his friends — founded Fontfabric after years spent working in graphic design. The self-taught designer’s first typefaces were based in simple, geometric forms – mainly straight lines and circles. “The letterforms that I like and that inspire me most are those found in types like DIN, Futura and AvantGarde — typefaces with a strong foundation in geometry,” he said in his Creative Characters interview. “Even back in high school, geometry and drawing were my most prominent skills. This later influenced my work as a typographer.”

These principles have resulted in a collection of typefaces that demonstrate that the basics of geometric construction can result in a wide variety of forms. A few of his best selling typefaces, such as Nexa and Intro, are great examples of this.

Svet works closely with Radomir Tinkov, Ani Petrova and Vasil Stanev; all designers who work under Fontfabric’s label. “I think that the core of our success is in the way we develop and execute our projects,” Svet said. “Before we became a full time type designers we had plenty of experience as graphic designers, which now are our clients. That’s the reason why we know what they expect from a font for their own projects. That’s the best way we can meet all their needs.”

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