Steve Matteson graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Printing where he focused primarily on typography, design and fine printing. His first professional experience in font design began while he was a student in 1987 producing an extensive range of bitmaps for a proprietary publishing system. Upon graduation he spent two years learning a hinting technology at a company owned by QMS. This technology proved to be the perfect training ground for developing TrueType fonts and in 1990 he began work at Monotype to create the Windows core TrueType fonts: Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New.

TrueType hinting for screen and print proved to be a great way to fine tune his sensitivity for letterforms and typographic nuance. His first typeface release, Andy, was an attempt to loosen up after long days hinting tightly regulated text font designs for screen. Truesdell, a revival of Frederic Goudy’s typeface was an endeavor to preserve a piece of typographic history. Andalé was designed as a user interface font and included a monospaced version for programmers.

During the 13 years at Monotype Steve was able to establish himself as a type designer in tune with the most current font technologies.

Steve produced fonts for the Monotype library (such as Goudy Ornate and Gill Floriated Capitals) and directed extensive branding projects such as Agilent Technology’s corporate sans serif and Microsoft’s new corporate font family ‘Segoe’. At the same time, he was involved in producing bitmaps and outline fonts for cell phones and TV set top environments.

Steve’s type design and technology experience reaches well beyond the confines of the Latin alphabet. He has worked extensively designing Greek, Cyrillic, Thai, Hebrew and Arabic alphabets to satisfy the requirements of customers such as IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Sun and Sybase.

In addition to designing type, Steve is an avid user of type. From typographic specimens to web design, Steve is capable of using type effectively as a tool for communicating information while reinforcing image and style. Steve’s re-design of the brand and website helped increase web traffic over 40% and sales by over 25%.

Steve lives in Holland Michigan with his wife, two daughters and two yellow Labrador retrievers.

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