Style:BlackBlack ItalicBoldBold ItalicExtra BoldExtra Bold ItalicHeavyHeavy ItalicLightLight ItalicMediumMedium ItalicRegularRegular ItalicSemi BoldSemi Bold ItalicThinThin ItalicUltra LightUltra Light ItalicUnknown
Typeface type:Uncategorized
Foundry: Radomir Tinkov
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Gilroy font family series mainly provide Regular,Regular Italic,Semibold,Semibold Italic,Thin,Thin Italic,UltraLight,UltraLight Italic,,Medium Italic,Medium,Light Italic,Black,Black Italic,Bold,Bold Italic,Extrabold,Extrabold Italic,Heavy,Heavy Italic,Light and other font styles.

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