Style:BoldBold ItalicExtra BoldExtra Bold ItalicExtra LightExtra Light ItalicItalicLightLight ItalicMediumMedium ItalicRegularRegular ItalicThinThin Italic
Typeface type:Uncategorized
Foundry: S-Core
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Core Mellow font family series mainly provide 79 Cp ExtraBold,77 Cn ExtraBold Italic,77 Cn ExtraBold,75 ExtraBold Italic,75 ExtraBold,69 Cp Bold Italic,69 Cp Bold,67 Cn Bold Italic,67 Cn Bold,65 Bold Italic,65 Bold,59 Cp Medium Italic,79 Cp ExtraBold Italic,Bold,Bold Italic,Thin,Regular,Medium Italic,Medium,Light Italic,Light,Italic,ExtraLight Italic,ExtraLight,ExtraBold Italic,ExtraBold,Thin Italic,59 Cp Medium,57 Cn Medium Italic,29 Cp ExtraLight Italic,29 Cp ExtraLight,27 Cn ExtraLight Italic,27 Cn ExtraLight,25 ExtraLight Italic,25 ExtraLight,19 Cp Thin Italic,19 Cp Thin,17 Cn Thin Italic,17 Cn Thin,15 Thin Italic,15 Thin,35 Light,37 Cn Light,57 Cn Medium,55 Medium Italic,55 Medium,49 Cp Regular Italic,49 Cp Regular,47 Cn Regular Italic,47 Cn Regular,45 Regular Italic,45 Regular,39 Cp Light Italic,39 Cp Light,37 Cn Light Italic and other font styles.

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