Font family: Segoe WP
Font style:
Font version: Version 1.10
Typeface type:
Characters: 3392
Number of glyphs: 4442
Font weight:
Font width:
Unicode blocks:
File format:
License type: The way of license is for reference only. Please contact the copyright party to purchase commercial license.
Font embedding license:
Copyright notice: © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Font family: Segoe WP
Font Subfamily name: Bold
Unique font identifier: Segoe WP Bold
Full font name: Segoe WP Bold
Version string: Version 1.10
Postscript name: SegoeWP-Bold
Trademark: Segoe is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.
Manufacturer Name: Microsoft Corporation
URL Vendor:
License Description: You may use this font as permitted by the EULA for the product in which this font is included to display and print content. You may only (i) embed this font in content as permitted by the embedding restrictions included in this font; and (ii) temporarily download this font to a printer or other output device to help print content.
License Info URL:
Pixel unit: 2048
Vertical minimum: -668
Vertical maximum: 2280
Horizontal minimum: -980
Horizontal maximum: 2970
Mac Style: 1
Minimum readable pixel size: 9
Font direction: 1
Ascending part: 2210
Descending part: -514
Line spacing: 0
Maximum step width: 3078
Minimum left side beraring: -980
Minimum right side beraring: -1274
Non component maximum points 216
Non component maximum contours 16
Word weight type: 700
Word width type: 5
Size of superscript horizontal font : 1434
Size of superscript vertical font 1331
Superscript horizontal deviation 0
Superscript vertical deviation 283
Size of subscript level font: 1434
Size of subscript vertical 1331
Subscript horizontal offset: 0
Subscript vertical offset: 977
Delete line size: 102
Delete line position: 530
Font selection identifier: 32
Typography ascending: 1491
Typography descending -431
Typography spacing: 269
Ascending part: 2210
Descending part: 514
Bevel: 0
Underline position: -178
Underline thickness: 119