Font family: 哈基米可爱体
Font style:
Typeface type:
Characters: 7393
Number of glyphs: 7397
Font weight:
Font width:
Unicode blocks:
File format:
License type: Published by its intellectual property rights holder, solely used for personal and non-commercial purposes only.
Font embedding license:
Copyright notice: Copyright(c) Tianjin ZHUOMAN Technology Co., Ltd.2017
Font family: HaJiMiKeAiTi
Font Subfamily name: Regular
Unique font identifier: 1.000;PfEd;HaJiMiKeAiTi
Full font name: 哈基米可爱体
Version string: Version 1.000
Postscript name: HaJiMiKeAiTi
Trademark: Tianjin ZHUOMAN 2017
Manufacturer Name: thinkfont
Designer: ZHUOMAN
Typographic Family name: HaJiMiKeAiTi
Typographic Subfamily name: Regular
Pixel unit: 1000
Vertical minimum: -246
Vertical maximum: 930
Horizontal minimum: 0
Horizontal maximum: 1003
Mac Style: 0
Minimum readable pixel size: 7
Font direction: 2
Ascending part: 1043
Descending part: -266
Line spacing: 100
Maximum step width: 1000
Minimum left side beraring: 0
Minimum right side beraring: -3
Non component maximum points 358
Non component maximum contours 17
Word weight type: 400
Word width type: 5
Size of superscript horizontal font : 650
Size of superscript vertical font 600
Superscript horizontal deviation 0
Superscript vertical deviation 75
Size of subscript level font: 650
Size of subscript vertical 600
Subscript horizontal offset: 0
Subscript vertical offset: 350
Delete line size: 49
Delete line position: 258
Font selection identifier: 192
Typography ascending: 766
Typography descending -238
Typography spacing: 100
Ascending part: 1043
Descending part: 266
Bevel: 0
Underline position: -100
Underline thickness: 50