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1. How Can I Follow FontKe Public Account?

A. You can scan the QRcode on with your WeChat app to follow.

B. You can search Public Account by inputting "Fontke " and follow.

2017-04-14 09:12:34
2. What Kind of Service Can I Get From FontKe WeChat Public Account?

Now, you can enjoy "Font search", "Daily Check-in", "Z-Code", "Zicoin" and "Membership", "Account Bind" and "User Center".

A. You can get font results when you type the font name. The results will only show 9 of them, and you could find more results by clicking the link "More".

B. You can enter the for Phone by Clicking the "FontKe for Phone " menue.

C. You can search all of the fonts by clicking the "Search" menu.

D.You can click "My FontKe" to "Check-in", "Z-Code", "Membership" ," Account Binding" and "User Center". You can get Zicoin via "Check in" both on web page and WeChat.

2017-04-12 15:48:57
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