The Strand at Coolangatta

News|Fonts in Use|Florian Hardwig 2014-12-20 12:10:11

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Casual handwriting letters are an unusual style for architectural signs. Using an off-the-shelf font (instead of a custom drawn logo) is even more exceptional. For this Australian shopping mall,FF Mister KInformal works just fine.

The font choice for the website is not so fortunate.Spiffily NF— "a workmanlike interpretation of John Pistilli's eponymous extreme Didone" — doesn't lend itself to being used in small sizes (yes, 36px still counts as small here), it is much too delicate for that. Also, it's not really well-spaced. Omitting the kerning adds insult to injury. Harriet might do a better job here.

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Source: All Rights Reserved.