From the designer:

With a BA in Art from Brooklyn College, where I specialized in line drawing and printmaking, the detailed, meticulous process of designing letterforms suited my artistic sensibilities perfectly.

My first “real” art job at (Mergenthaler) Linotype provided me with a strong and solid foundation for type design. It was from the extremely talented designers who worked decades for that company, mentors such as Sal Saladino and John and Cathy Quaranta, that I learned the skills to discern and execute beautiful linear shapes.

I have continued to design and develop typefaces ever since, working in New York for Photo-Lettering and World Typeface Center before moving to Los Angeles.

In LA, I worked at Xerox’s type design department for a few years before starting my own company, Small Cap Graphics, where I am engaged in both graphic design and custom type design, with clients such as Agfa Monotype, ITC, DsgnHaus, Disney Corporation, and Margo Chase Design.

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