Alex Kaczun, accomplished type designer and founder of Type Innovations, has over two decades of experience in typography, graphic design, desktop publishing and web development.

Much of Alex’s career was spent at the premier type foundry, Linotype-Hell, where he was the principal type designer and worked on many font projects aimed at modernizing the Linotype Library. Alex managed the development of The Adobe PostScript Font Library and created multiple master fonts for Apple Computer’s QuickDraw technology.

In 1980, he joined a small group of entrepreneurs and pioneered the development of the world’s first digital font library at Bitstream, then located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Afterwards, Alex took a position at Bozell-Worldwide, a large international advertising company, where he was type director and managed the front desk at the CPS Group. The company is well known for their successful “Got Milk” ad campaign. At Bozell, Alex honed his skills in graphic design, desktop publishing, prepress print production and the web.

In early 2003, Alex went to work for Bertelsmann’s-Bookspan division (previously Doubleday Books), where he initially worked within the prepress department, eventually gravitating towards book jacket development—creating hundreds of jacket layouts and designs for almost 20 different book clubs.

Currently, Alex works from home as a freelance consultant, allowing him to pursue his passion for type design and developing new and innovative fonts.

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