Sabrina Mariela Lopez is a Calligrapher, Type Designer and Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She founded Typesenses in 2009 and offers her fonts through this foundry.

She studied at Buenos Aires University. She focused on studying calligraphy to learn more about the letter forms and she loved it, even though she is left handed. This was not an impediment, It was a real challenge. She has studied it with Silvia Cordero Vega in Buenos Aires and she has travelled to Boston to be taught by the greatest calligraphers in the world, as Julian Waters, Georgia Deaver and Carl Rohrs. She enjoys so much the contact with the paper and the ink, so she decided that it would be the most important part of her work. Now, all her typographic projects start with her left hand. So, the start is her favourite part of the type design process, when she finds the design through experimental calligraphy. She considers that she reaches more expressive forms, she feels free, her hand is free and she get new strokes that she never could make digitally. She thinks it is a matter of training eyes and hand: “The perfect technology is our bodies, while the computer is just a tool”.

She believes that she will reach whatever she wants because she spends her life doing what she loves. Some of her dreams have started to become true, typography dreams.

She really hopes you like her job and you enjoy it! That is why she does it, to carry some pieces of beauty to people whose eyes can apreciate it.

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