Font family: LastResort
Font style:
Font version: 6.1d6e2 (Unicode version 5.1.0)
Typeface type:
Characters: 172428
Number of glyphs: 28740
Font weight:
Font width:
Unicode blocks:
File format:
License type: The way of license is for reference only. Please contact the copyright party to purchase commercial license.
Font embedding license:
Copyright notice: © 1998-2008 Apple Inc. Block additions by Michael Everson
Font family: LastResort
Font Subfamily name: Regular
Unique font identifier: LastResort; 6.1d6e2 (Unicode version 5.1.0); 2012-01-10
Full font name: LastResort
Version string: 6.1d6e2 (Unicode version 5.1.0)
Postscript name: LastResort
Manufacturer Name: Apple Computer, Inc.
Designer: Original design by Apple Computer 1998; Block additions by Michael Everson 2001-2006
Description: The LastResort font is used by the operating system to display Unicode data when no other font can be found. Glyphs correspond to Unicode blocks. The block name and hex range values can be viewed around the border of the glyph at large sizes.
URL Designer:
Pixel unit: 1024
Vertical minimum: -256
Vertical maximum: 916
Horizontal minimum: -4
Horizontal maximum: 1076
Mac Style: 0
Minimum readable pixel size: 8
Font direction: 0
Ascending part: 840
Descending part: -184
Line spacing: 0
Maximum step width: 1136
Minimum left side beraring: -4
Minimum right side beraring: -8
Non component maximum points 196
Non component maximum contours 49
Word weight type: 400
Word width type: 5
Size of superscript horizontal font : 512
Size of superscript vertical font 512
Superscript horizontal deviation 0
Superscript vertical deviation 64
Size of subscript level font: 512
Size of subscript vertical 512
Subscript horizontal offset: 0
Subscript vertical offset: 512
Delete line size: 46
Delete line position: 256
Font selection identifier: 64
Typography ascending: 840
Typography descending -184
Typography spacing: 0
Ascending part: 840
Descending part: 184
Bevel: 0
Underline position: -92
Underline thickness: 51