Brand name: Antipixel
English name: Antipixel
Country or region: ArgentinaArgentina
Address: Rio Negro 635, Buenos Aires, 1684

With a collection of energetic and hand rendered typeface offerings, Antipixel is run by Julia Martínez Diana, graphic designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The designs possess a spirited quality, full of energy and casual character.

It all started with '‘‘Belta’’‘ and the ’‘‘Aracne’’' collection, which features three widths for maximum functionality. With slightly scrawled letterforms, available in regular, light and italics, it will provide a personal and unique look to your work.

Then came '‘‘Italo’’', a font with upper and lower case, exploring the world of OpenType features, including ligatures, alternates, smallcaps, scientific superior/inferior figures, oldstyle figures, fractions.

Alongside, '‘‘Eneas’’‘ and ’‘‘Lamiar’’' made its way. The Eneas collection features stout, exceptionally extended characters with quirkily uneven strokes.

In the first months of 2014, '‘‘Enyo’’' was released. This decorative, fun, serif, handwritten font specially designed for display usage can also be used for small ammount of text. Available in Light, Regular and Medium, this font supports a wide range of languages, including the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets!

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