Brand name: Elsner+Flake
Foundry alias: Elsner, Flake Gbr,
English name: Veronika Elsner, Günther Flake Gbr
Country or region: GermanyGermany
Address: Veronika Elsner, Günther Flake GbR, Bugdahnstraße 5, Hamburg, D-22767
Telephone: +49(0)40-39 80 35 80
Fax: +49 40 39 80 35 70
Website: Elsner+Flake
Supplier ID:: EF

About Elsner+FlakeIn March 1986 Veronika Elsner and Günther Flake founded their company Elsner+Flake Designstudios after ten years of freelance experience in the field of type design, typography and digitizing of fonts and logos. The general aim of the company is to create a continuously growing library of digital fonts. Today the Elsner+Flake Digital Library with a worldwide pr... All

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