Brand name: 3IP Type Foundry
English name: Three Islands Press
Country or region: United StatesUnited States
Address: P.O. Box 442, Rockland, ME 04841-0442
Telephone: 207 596 6768,877 496 6768
Fax: 207 596 2473
Website: 3IP Type Foundry
Supplier ID:: 3IP

Three Islands Press (a.k.a., “3IP”) releases its irregular type designs irregularly from offices within a stone’s throw of Clam Cove, on the central coast of Maine. [Note: its logo is a double-crested cormorant, not a loon.] 3IP is perhaps best known for its antique penmanship fonts modeled after the actual 19th century handwriting of (mostly) famous Texans. Owner and type designer... All

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