Brand name: 3IP Type Foundry
English name: Three Islands Press
Country or region: United StatesUnited States
Address: P.O. Box 442, Rockland, ME 04841-0442
Telephone: 207 596 6768,877 496 6768
Fax: 207 596 2473
Supplier ID:: 3IP
3IP Type Foundry

Three Islands Press (a.k.a., “3IP”) releases its irregular type designs irregularly from offices within a stone’s throw of Clam Cove, on the central coast of Maine. [Note: its logo is a double-crested cormorant, not a loon.]

3IP is perhaps best known for its antique penmanship fonts modeled after the actual 19th century handwriting of (mostly) famous Texans. Owner and type designer Brian Willson has an obsession with authenticity -- as whole regiments of historical reenactors can attest.

Other realistic specialties include: historical text-type simulations, casual modern handwriting styles, and a “grunge” face or two.